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What You Need to Know for Purchasing Ornamental Fences

A range of advice is given by our company to provide convenience for our customers, avoid them purchasing the incorrect sizes of ornamental fences which is bound to make a loss. Here are the tips below:

  • Learn the rules
    Before you start purchasing, make sure that you are familiar with the local fence safety regulations. Generally, different places have their own fence rules and ordinances which vary in materials, styles, heights and vertical spacing, etc. If your desired height is not appropriate, you can request a variance as will get the building permits.
  • Let your neighbor know
    Before purchasing, telling your neighbors about the ornamental fences you are going to install may be considered as a neighborly act. They may share their ideas about the designs and sizes; furthermore, they may give some helps during your fence installation.

    If your neighbors are not friendly, explaining what you are going to do may avoid unnecessary conflicts.

  • Survey your property boundary
    You may need a professional surveyor to measure the boundary of your properties by which maximum avoid the happening of occupying other’s land and even causing a boundary dispute. Meanwhile, the measured dates will also make you clear about how many fence panels you are going to buy.
  • Avoid damaging underground pipes
    Don’t forget to ask city and utility companied to mark underground pipes and conduits before you digging hole for post installation.

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