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How to install ornamental fences?

Black ornamental fence with spear top is installed on a lawn.

Ornamental fencing with pressed spear top

An ornamental fence is the best choice if you want your property to be enclosed and prevent intruders and trespassers entering. Meanwhile, an elegant and aesthetic appearance can be offered which goes well with your houses. As your request, ornamental fences can be made of aluminum, steel and wrought iron. It is easy and quick to be installed by two or three person as follow:

  1. Survey the boundary of the areas you are intended to enclose and make sure it will not occupy other’s land.
  2. Mark out the fence line along the boundary steering clear of the immovable objects like trees and sheds.
  3. Mark the locations where you want to set your post according to the length of your fence panels.
  4. Sort your posts according to their location, such as line post, end post, corner post and gate posts.
    The details about how to assemble an ornamental fence.

    Ornamental fence assembly methods

  5. Start your installation from the corner post, dig a hole with the help of post-hole diggers in the depth which complying with local regulations and codes.
  6. Set the post into the hole and make sure it is centered vertically and horizontally. Then fill the hole by pouring gravel or concrete and tamp it down.
  7. Set the corner, end and gate post in the same way or you can install them by filling the half of the holes and set the post in. Adjust the post until they are vertical straight, and then fill the hole. After post installation, check them again and wait for concreting.
  8. Tie a string tightly between two posts to form a straight line. Then dig line post holes according to length of your penal. Making sure these posts are in a straight line. And fix the post as above.
  9. Fix ornamental fence panels to the posts in conjunction with fence brackets. The fence panels with welded or assembled frame are varying in installation. You may install the whole welded fence panels or assemble the fence panels before installation.

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