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Specification List

Spear Top Ornamental Fence

Ornamental fences are available in a range of spear top patterns including straight type, staggered type, concave and convex type, etc.

Flat Top Ornamental Fence

Flat top ornamental fence, in height form 3' to 8' , are available with various tops: standard or with pressed spear pickets, finials or narrow spacing.

Rod Top Ornamental Fence

Rod top ornamental fences, with or without finials as your request, are made of quality aluminum, steel or wrought iron materials in height of 3’ to 8’.

Defender Top Ornamental Fence

Defender top ornamental fences features its bended top which ideal for defending commercial and industrial areas and available in height from 6' to 10'.

Curved Top Ornamental Fence

Curved top ornamental fence, made of quality aluminum with four loops and seven pickets, are available in height of 3' to 6'. Custom types are also welcomed.
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