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Wrought Iron Fence - The Strongest protector of Your House

Ornamental wrought iron fence, in conjunction with decorative elements and ornamentations, not just effectively offers high security and boundary definition, but also provides the incomparable artist elegance to your house. Here are the reasons why you need these fences supplied by our company:

Black ornamental wrought iron fence with finials and decorative rings.

Ornamental wrought iron fence with finials and decorative scrolls.

Quality wrought iron material
Quality wrought iron material, with lower carbon content, makes these fences easy to mold and form without any compromise of strength and durability. However, the price of ornamental fences are higher than ornamental aluminum and steel fences, so if you are in a tight budget, the lower priced material with similar great performances - mild steel are also available for fence manufacturing as your request.

High strength & strongest structure
In general, lower carbon content means higher ductility and impact resistance, which make the wrought iron fence extremely tolerant of weather and physical abuse without cracks and fractures. Meanwhile, these fences feature outstanding strength owing to its fusion welding technical.

Excellent anti-corrosion coating - longer lifespan
Although ornamental wrought iron fences are not capable to provide of lifetime warranty as aluminum fences, but it still can last for decades in that their excellent hot dipped zinc coating and black powder coating- that is why our products can last longer comparing to those of our competitors.

Fifteen scrolls in various shapes are listed.

Decorative scrolls for ornamental fences

With various designs
Elegant scrolls, curves, rings and finials can be supplied to enhance the overall appearance of your house. All the ornamentations are also made of wrought iron which have been heated and reshaped.


  • Secure grand homes.
  • Refine your yard and garden without closing off them from the surrounding areas.
  • Restoration and replication of historic projects.
  • Secure border on a property.

Material: quality wrought iron or mild steel as your request.
Structure: welded structure.
Surface: hot dipped galvanized and then black powder coated.
Length: 8' or your request length.
Height: 3', 3.5', 4', 5', 6', 7' or 8'.


Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence
  Residential Commercial Industrial
Components Size Thickness Size Thickness Size Thickness
Pickets 5/8" 18ga 3/4" 18 or 14ga 1" 16 or 14ga
Rails 1-1/4" × 15/16" 14ga 1-1/2" ×1-1/2" 14ga 1-3/4" × 1-3/4" 14ga
Post 2" 16ga 2" 16 or 14ga 2-1/2" 16 or 14ga
Ornamental fence with finials and scrolls for house protection.

Ornamental wrought iron fence for house security

Ornamental wrought iron fence with golden finials and scrolls.

Ornamental wrought iron fence with finials and scrolls

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