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Ornamental Steel Fence -Stronger & Last Longer

Black ornamental steel fences with pressed spears are used to house security

Ornamental steel fences are perfect to protect your properties with strong structure.

Ornamental steel fence, made of quality tubular steel, is welded or assembled together to secure premises, estates, schools, hospitals and other residential, commercial or industrials properties. Coming with excellent coating, ornamental steel fences sweep across the markets and are widely welcomed by lots of customers.

Stronger structure with high durability
For all we know, steel is much stronger than aluminum, that is to say, it will not bend or deform when it is impacted or abused. So if you have kids or live in a high-crime area, this ornamental steel fence may be your best choice.

Follow the terrains
Our component steel fences are considered to be flexible in that our component steel fences are capable to be biased up with 45' on an 8' length which means it can be installed on uneven terrains just by bottom adjusting rather than stair-steeping.

Four layers of coating of ornamental steel fencing for superior rust and corrosion resistance

Excellent coating of ornamental steel fences

Incomparable coating for anti-rusting
All of our steel fences are manufactured with four layers of coatings for excellent rust and corrosion resistance as shown in the picture.

  • Hot dipped zinc coating
    Being immerged into molten zinc, our products are hot dipped galvanized to enhance rust and corrosion resistances from inside to outside.
  • Zinc phosphate coating:
    The adhesion between the coating and base steel material are efficiently enhanced taking advantage of this coating.
  • Zinc-rich epoxy coating
    Playing an important role in antisepsis, anti-corrosion and impact resistance.
  • Color polyester color powder coating
    Excellent in anti-UV, anti-weather, color and gloss retention as well with high rust and corrosion resistance.

No need of maintenance
20 years maintenance-free warranty can be given if the fences are installed away from saltwater about 10 miles. Closer to saltwater, the warranty is limited.


  • Estate security.
  • Commercial or industrial premises delineation.
  • Parking lots and churches.
  • School and hospitals.
  • Areas enclosure.
  • Pool fencing.
  • Apartment security, etc.

Material: quality steel material complying with ASTM A787-G90.
Structure: welded or component structure.
Surface: four layers of coatings.
Length: 8' or your request length.
Height: 3', 3.5', 4', 5', 6', 7' or 8'.


Ornamental Steel Fences
  Residential Commercial Industrial
Components Size Thickness Size Thickness Size Thickness
Pickets 5/8" 18ga 3/4" 18 or 14ga 1" 16 or 14ga
Rails 1-1/4" × 15/16" 14ga 1-1/2" ×1-1/2" 14ga 1-3/4" × 1-3/4" 14ga
Post 2" 16ga 2" 16 or 14ga 2-1/2" 16 or 14ga
Black ornamental fence with washers between vertical pickets and horizontal rails to prevent water leaking into the tube.

Component ornamental fence with rubber washers for water-proof

A person is composing a black ornamental steel fence panel

Component ornamental steel fence assembly

Black ornamental steel fence with pressed spear top

Ornamental steel fences with pressed spear top to prevent any attempts of climbing over the fence.

Black ornamental steel fence panels with pressed spear top

An ornamental steel fences panel with two horizontal rails is held by two persons.

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