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Ornamental Aluminum Fence - Solution to Rusting Problems

White ornamental aluminum fences with green posts and rails

Ornamental aluminum fences

Ornamental aluminum fence, as the frequently used alternative to wrought iron fence, features similar elegant old-world appearance yet maintenance free - that is because aluminum does not rust like steel does. Thereby, it provides you a lifetime warranty of corrosion resistance. It is available in a range of lengths, heights, styles and sizes to meet your residential, commercial or industrials needs.

No rusting - maintenance free
Owing to its aluminum material, no rusting problems will affect the quality, lifespan and elegant appearance of ornamental fences even you are living in coastal areas. Meanwhile, our fences come with high internal strength and high durable. All of these characters make the fences free of maintenance.

Excellent corrosion resistance
With a perfect performance over 3,000 hours in the salt spray test, ornamental fence is so anti-corrosive that it comes with a longer service time. Additionally, a film of oxidation can be formed in the moist circumstance to prevent the aluminum fences corroding. So our aluminum fences are the best solution for applications in humid and moist environments.

The plan drawing of ornamental aluminum fence’s structure.

Assembly method of ornamental aluminum fences.

High cost effectiveness
Aluminum, as the most abundant metal, gives the ornamental fence much lower price than wrought iron. Meanwhile, no need of ongoing maintenance will provide you the highest cost effectiveness than those requiring maintenance such as traditional wrought iron fences.

Easy and quick to install - high flexibility
Lighter weight than traditional wrought iron fence makes it easy and quick to install. Thereby, no need of employing any installation teams! Additionally, ornamental aluminum fences, with internal sliding rob to thread all pickets, can be installed regardless of terrains - that is because they can rack up 45" in an 8' length.

Powder coating with various colors
Generally, there is no need of painting for ornamental fencing, however, to enhance the appearance and offering added protection to internal materials, our ornamental aluminum fences are powder coated with optional colors as follow:

Sixteen colors are available for ornamental fences

Innumerable designs
Comparing with ornamental steel fences, these fences come with innumerable designs owing to their high ductility. Meanwhile, it is available with ornate finials, scrolls, rings and post caps for attractive appearances. Defender types with bended spear top pickets or custom styles are also available.

Various applications

  • Suitable for estate, pool, backyard security.
  • Schools, hospitals, institutions protection.
  • Making sure your children and pets in.
  • Parks, sport stadiums security, etc.

Material: quality aluminum alloy 6005-T5 material.
Structure: component structure.
Surface: powder coated for decorative appearance.
Length: 6', 7', 8' or your request length.
Height: 3', 4', 52", 54", 57", 5', 6' or 8'.
Custom materials and sizes are also available.


Ornamental aluminum fences
  Residential Commercial Industrial
Components Size Thickness Size Thickness Size Thickness
Pickets 5/8" 0.05" 3/4" 0.05" 1" 0.062"
Rails (top walls) 1" 0.055" 1" 0.055" 1-5/8" 0.07"
Rails (side walls) 1" 0.082" 1-1/2" 0.082" 1-5/8" 0.1"
Post 2" 0.060" 2" 0.06" 2-1/2" 0.075"

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