• Black ornamental steel fences with finials and rings
  • Ornamental component steel fence panels with pressed spear top.
  • Green ornamental fence with pressed spear top

Choosing the Right Ornamental Fence

Choosing an ornamental fence may be not easy because you should take so many things like materials, designs, sizes and prices into consideration. Not like choosing paint for your home which you can change every year, purchasing a right ornamental fence is a decision that will last for many more years.

Ornamental aluminum fence is installed to secure house estate.

Ornamental fences are ideal for securing properties.

So if you are in a trouble of selecting ornamental fences, our company will give you the best solutions. Our fences, ideal for securing residential, commercial or industrial properties, are available in a wide variety of materials and height from 3' to 9'. Aluminum, steel and wrought iron are the most common materials used for ornamental fencing yet with a big price differences. So what materials you are going to choose is normally determined by your budgets.

Ornamental aluminum fence, as the most widely and welcomed fence type, is a rust-free product with similar appearance of wrought iron fence, so it is the preferred choice for areas with high humidity and high presence of salt spray. Meanwhile, ornamental aluminum fence is light weight, free of maintenance, easy to install as well with the longest lifespan. So it is considered to be an economical choice for most applications. As your request, it can be powder painted with various colors.

Ornamental steel fence, with high strength and durability, is the best choice for application in high-traffic, high-use and high-crime areas - that is because steel fences are not prone to become dented and bent as ornamental aluminum fence. With four layers of coatings, the ornamental steel fences are extremely anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

Ornamental wrought iron fence with the strongest frame, elegant and aesthetic appearance, can also last for decades with periodic cleaning and painting. To enhance its rust resistance, the fence is often hot dipped galvanized and color powder coated. Although the wrought iron fence is more expensive than others, it comes with outstanding strength, rigidity as well incomparable looks. Therefore, it is normally used for securing grant house and historic projects restoration, etc.

Black ornamental steel fence with finials and scrolls

Ornamental fences with finials and scrolls for decoration.

Ornamental wire fence, the most economical alternative to steel fences with similar strength, is composed of welded wire mesh panels, top and bottom rails and square posts. Ornamental wire fence effectively keeps you small children and pets in without blocking their sight, meanwhile, it prevents any attempts of climbing thanks to its narrow wire spacing.

Ornamental pool fence, effective protects your children and pets far away from pools, spas and other places with similar water hazards. Various types of ornamental pool fences can be supplied with 1-5/8", 3-11/16" or 3-13/16" narrow vertical spacing, in height from 4' to 9'; meanwhile, self-closing pool fence gates with self-closing latches for access-control are also available.

Ornamental fence gates, made of quality aluminum, steel or wrought iron materials, are available in swing and sliding operation methods. With single or double leaves, the gates play an important role of keeping from intruders and trespassers out. Most of all, they go well with ornamental fence panels.

Fence accessories including fence finials and scrolls for decoration, fence post caps for anti-water as well fence brackets for connecting fence post and panels together.

Why to choose us?

Our company, owning at least fifteen years' experience, is a specialist for supplying quality ornamental fences and gates in a variety of materials, sizes, designs and colors to suit all types of applications. Meanwhile, we have established long-term cooperative partnership and made a good business reputation owing to following reasons:

Quality materials:
We select the best materials for ornamental fence manufacturing. For example, we adopt aluminum alloys 6005-T5 with a minimum ultimate strength of 35,000 psi as the materials of ornamental aluminum fences; the steel fence is made of high quality steel complying with ASTM A787-G90. Meanwhile, all the fasteners including rivets, bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel to maximize rust and corrosion resistance.

Aesthetic appearance & strong structure
No matter aluminum, steel or wrought iron ornamental fence feature elegant appearance to decorate your residential, commercial or industrial properties. But there is just so much owing an elegant fence can do for premises protection, strong structure is also important. Our ornamental fence matches the aesthetic appearance and strong structure perfectly together. It not only meet your needs of aesthetic effect but also provides the highest security to your prized house, family even business.

Last longer than others
All of the products are anti-corrosion treated for enhancing longevity. For example, ornamental steel fences comes with four layers of coating including hot dipped zinc coating for anti-rusting, zinc phosphate coating for promote adhesive powder of coating, zinc-rich epoxy coating for anti-impact and polyester powder coating to anti-UV, anti-weather as well anti-stain.

Attractive price
All of our products are made in home so that we can provide factory price for our customers. Additionally, on account of high production volume, our company can purchase row materials at lower price than other competitors and we transmit these savings to our customers.

Complete fence system
A complete fence system including ornamental fence panels, fence gates and accessories are available to build the whole fence.

Various designs

Five styles of ornamental fence tops includes spear top, flat top, rod top, curved top and defender top.

Various colors

Sixteen colors are available for ornamental fences

High application versatility

  • Parking lot fencing.
  • Pool fencing.
  • Estate fencing.
  • Backyard and properties protection.
  • School and churches security.
  • Sport stadium security, etc.

If you have some questions about our products or want a sample, please feel free to email us at lanture@ornamentalfences.org. We are pleasure to answering your questions.

Hot Products

Ornamental aluminum fences, with elegant wrought iron look, are maintenance free with excellent corrosion resistance, durability and installation flexibility.

Ornamental steel fence including welded or assembled fence panels is the solution to premises security with high rust and corrosion resistance.

Ornamental wrought iron fence, made of high quality wrought iron or mild steel, features old-world appearance, highest strength to secure your grant houses.

Ornamental wire fence, made of heavy duty welded wire mesh panels, top and bottom rails, features low cost yet excellent performance similar to picket fences.

Technology List

The Way of Installing Ornamental Fences

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Ornamental Fence Purchasing Tips

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